Mobile Lead Capture for Real Estate Professionals

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Real Estate SMS marketing made simple! Smart Lead Capture (SLC) is a new mobile lead capture platform brought to you by Properties Online, Inc. This service allows real estate professionals to capture mobile leads by offering home buyers the ability to text for more information about a home listed for sale or rent. With Smart Lead Capture, each property is assigned a Smart Capture Code that when sent via SMS to the Properties Online short code, will send the user information about the property along with a link to the property’s mobile website. The user can also request additional information be sent to their phone via a call from “Avi”. Avi, short for Automatic Voice Information, is a robot who will call the prospects and explain the details of the property. This information is pulled automatically from the mobile property website’s remarks section.
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Mobile Lead Capture

With our service, Real Estate Professionals can market their listings on mobile devices. Our service captures leads, while providing prospects instant information about a home listed for sale or rent. Is your yard sign capturing leads for you?

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Custom Smart Code(s)

Want to capture leads and send prospects the information they are seeking or to a website for more information? Setup auto-responders to instantly send messages to anyone who texts for information!


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Text Sign Rider

X/P Capture Codes

Each Listing gets a unique property identifier we call a “Smart Capture Code”. Potential buyers can text this code to receive information about the listing, as well as receive a link that goes directly to the property’s mobile website.

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Complete Mobile (SMS) Lead Capture Service for the real estate professional

Getting leads is critical to helping agents and brokers grow their business. But quick follow-up could mean all the the difference between a dead end lead and a closed deal. That is why Smart Lead Capture also includes two very important tools to aid real estate professionals in their ability to follow-up with leads in a timely manner. Text Auto-Responders will allow agents to enter a short message that will be dynamically sent to any prospect as soon as they text for more information about a property. Lead Alerts allow the agent to receive leads via a text message sent immediately to their mobile device so they can follow-up with the prospects in real time. Both of these SMS tools were designed to help agents and brokers turn hot leads into real clients.
In addition, Smart Lead Capture provides agents and brokers the ability to purchase custom sign riders for each listing. Sign riders are a proven way to capture leads and drive traffic to the property’s mobile website.*Note: Smart Lead Capture service is only available in the U.S.