Smart Lead Capture

What is Smart Lead Capture?

Smart Lead Capture (SLC) is a mobile marketing system that enables real estate professionals to market their listings and capture leads over mobile devices. With smart lead capture, agents and brokers can capture leads by offering their clients the ability to “text for more information” about a property listed for sale or rent. Our system stores and displays all of the property information and displays it to the prospects in a manner that best fits their mobile phone. We send information over SMS (text messaging) or over the internet via a mobile browser. Our system works on any smart phone and on most US cellular carriers.There is no better or more powerful tool for capturing leads and potential clients than SMS and MMS (multimedia message service) messaging. And Smart Lead Capture makes it all unthinkably easy.

How does Smart Lead Capture work?

Each property is assigned a Smart Capture Code that when sent via SMS to the Properties Online short code, will automatically send the user information about the property along with a link to the property’s mobile website. The user can also request additional information be sent to their phone via a call from “Avi”. Avi, short for Automatic Voice Information, is a robot who will call the prospects and explain the details of the property. This information is pulled automatically from the mobile property website’s remarks section. Test this service out by sending a text message TO: 54561 and enter the MESSAGE: P120.
*Standard data and text rates apply