Lead Capture

Generate leads!

Capture leads by promoting your SMART CAPTURE CODE(s), i.e. “Text CODE to 54561”, on your FOR SALE SIGNS, Flyers, or anywhere you advertise! By allowing people to text your SMART CODE to 54561, you can use our SMS Smart Capture engine to collect the mobile phone number of prospective home buyers and sellers, and send your prospects the information they are seeking – all at the same time!


Smart Lead Capture is a mobile marketing system that enables real estate professionals to market their listings and capture leads over a mobile device. With smart lead capture, agents and brokers can capture leads by offering their clients the ability to “text for more information” about a property listed for sale or rent. Our system uses custom auto-responders to automatically send information to your lead as soon as they activate your service by texting one of your SMART CODEs to 54561.

We send the lead information over SMS (text messaging) or over the internet via a mobile browser. Our system works on any smart phone and on most US cellular carriers. There is no better or more powerful tool for capturing leads and potential clients than SMS (text) messaging. And Smart Lead Capture makes it all unthinkably easy.


With our service you choose your main SMART CAPTURE CODE (JoeAgent). Then you are automatically assigned sub-codes – i.e. JoeAgent1, JoeAgent2, JoeAgent3 etc.. When a prospect texts one of your SMART CAPTURE CODEs to 54561, they will automatically receive a message back with whatever information (text or links) you wish to share with them. These are called SMS Auto-responders, and each CAPTURE CODE can have a unique one! You can set up or edit your SMS auto-responders anytime! As soon as your prospect uses one of your SMART CAPTURE CODEs, their cell phone number is sent to you via text and email for immediate follow-up. This lead is also stored in our system and accessible through your account.

Test our service by texting JoeAgent to 54561

Did you know SMS is the preferred method of contact?

Text messages are open and read within 90 seconds. While social media and email are important, many people prefer the ease and simplicity of text communication.